The Message

Don’t dismiss this outright as the work of some raving lunatic. There’s some sense to this story, if you’ll just hear me out…

Look, we all wonder if time travel is possible, right? Well let me tell you something… it is. I’m from the future, actually. I know you probably don’t believe that, but seriously, I’m from the future. It’s a really great thing; getting to see the past, watching events unfold.. stuff like that. We know more now than we ever would.

Behind all the fun, though, there is a more serious aspect. We aren’t supposed to go into our own lifetime, and we are NEVER allowed to contact our past selves. Let me tell you, I’m breaking that rule right now. Yes, kid, you’re talking to yourself. Your future self. I’m going to be executed for this, but you know what? I accept that. I’m preventing something by talking to you that is WORSE than death. I can’t tell you outright what to do, because the filters would catch it. This is the closest I can get, trust me. I can, however, send a little message.

You should probably read the first word of every paragraph, now.

Original Author: You
26 comments on “The Message
  1. Probably a little pathetic that I looked behind me.

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    549 days ago
  2. This completely fucks with you when you’re sitting in a dark room, alone, with no light but the computer screen; and then you read this.. I actually looked behind me.

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    539 days ago
  3. A shiver goes down my spine everytime I read this. And I have to look behind me, otherwise it won’t go away XD
    And I love how the Author is “You” =))

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    539 days ago
  4. Haha I was in class and looked behind me to see a fat kid eating candy

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    532 days ago
  5. When I figured it out, I haven’t looked behind me for the past half hour.

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    522 days ago
  6. This is amazing. The story, the hidden message and the author.

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    517 days ago
  7. Oh my god… I’m almost crying right now.

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    500 days ago
  8. Oh god the wall has been watching me for all this time.

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    494 days ago
  9. freaking scary when its night and your back is facing a fricken window……i just akwardly laughed to myself.

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    472 days ago
  10. I’m trying to say something witty but all of my wittiness has already been claimed by other comments.

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    471 days ago
  11. I may have just used my screen as a mirror to look without turning around.

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    419 days ago
  12. Great now I don’t wanna even turn. But loved the story. Shirt and sweet and to the point.

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    414 days ago
  13. I looked behind me and saw me. so i looked at me looking behind me.

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    359 days ago
  14. Wowwww. So clever. ;o
    I did look around. You just have to. Brilliant, keep on writing :)

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    358 days ago
  15. I looked behind me and saw my mom standing in the doorway
    I almost had a heart attack ogawd

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    347 days ago
  16. Whether you decide to turn around or not turn around tells a great deal about your personality and way of thinking.

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    313 days ago
  17. I read this during midnight.
    I slowly stood up and walked sideways towards the door.
    Fucking creepy dude, 5/5.

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    297 days ago
  18. LOL…awesome that my most reviled coworker was behind me.

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    264 days ago
  19. I looked behind me and i see my chihuahua just staring at me ,he’s such a creep

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    242 days ago
  20. What is behind me D:, THE WALL!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

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    237 days ago
  21. As Macklemore would say: this is fucking awesome

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    233 days ago
  22. I loved the twist at the ending. If you like twist endings you guys should go check my pasta its called the breeze!

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    219 days ago
  23. in the back of my mind, I picture someone reading this, then turning around to look out the window and actually seeing someone out there in the darkness

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    170 days ago
  24. Hmm….if you think about it, there is something behind the author. A strange way to think about it is this, perhaps, from the future, SOMETHING followed him. Now it is tailing him. Here’s the real question, once he is gone, who’s next?

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    167 days ago
  25. One of the best short creepypastas on this site. Well written. 4/5

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    159 days ago
  26. I looked behind me and there was a mirror.
    My face was lit up.
    I just about shat myself.

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    76 days ago
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