She made a playful squeal as I tagged her. It was clear she was enjoying herself, she was laughing herself to tears. “Daddy, stop it, my sides hurt!” She continued to laugh. Her joy was contagious, I smiled, for once in years, I smiled. I dare say I’ve smiled more that day than I have in my entire life. Alas, all good things must come to an end, she was tired, and fell asleep shortly after.
My wife soon came home. She was so glad to see me, she yelled my name, again, laughing to tears. She hugged me, still laughing. I continued to smile. She looked down and saw my tagging tool, quickly shooting her focus back to my eyes. I continued to smile. “Michael…” Tears continued to stream down her face in excitement. “How could you have done this to our little angel?” She tried to run, but she was too slow. “Tag…” I smiled wider. “You’re it.”

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  1. plot twist, he had knife.

    mystery solved.

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    90 days ago
  2. Good story…

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    83 days ago
  3. Well this was interesting

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    60 days ago
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