I Must Type This Sentence

I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away. I don’t know why this works, but it does. The faster I type, the further away they are. Sometimes, I think I might be able to type fast enough to make them go away. Yet, if I stop for only a moment they will return.

I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away. If I knew why they targeted me, it might be worth some comfort. It would at least let me know what my fade would be when I tire. Will I be eaten? Am I to be tormented? Will they simply kill me? Just knowing what was to come next would be enough.

I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away. I can see them. They wait in the hallway. Their large bestial bodies hunched over, as if they are ready to pounce. Yet their faces, Christ … their faces, have a placid calm. They are in no hurry.

I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away. For some reason, my eyes can’t focus directly on them. I almost mistook the first one for a smudge on my glasses. Yet, Smudges don’t move. And, smudges don’t have fangs.

I must type this sentence in order to keep the monsters away. Can anyone else see them? You will know it if you have. Part of me hopes I’m not the only one who can see them. At least then I would not be alone.

I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away. Oh, god it’s been almost a week. The cramp in my left hand stopped over a day ago; I just can’t feel it anymore. Considering the blood on my keyboard, numbness is probably preferable.

Can anyone help me? I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away. If you see them, start typing as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter what device you use, just type these words. Or maybe don’t, because if you do you will become a prisoner like myself.

I must type this sentence to keep the monsters away …

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13 comments on “I Must Type This Sentence
  1. Sheesh, creepy. 9/10

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    300 days ago
  2. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    285 days ago
  3. Well written and I like the concept; 7/10 :)

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    281 days ago
  4. Would be a little better with having the ending just stop instead of ellipse off the ‘page’, otherwise not bad

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    257 days ago
  5. Decent. I like the concept. Could definitely be taken farther into a chapter story. 7/10

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    256 days ago
  6. it was very good but in the fifth paragraph you say “in order to” but you don’t use it in any other paragraphs

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    161 days ago
  7. I nice concept without a doubt but if there was only more detail. If you chose to make the person stop typing that would be quite interesting as well. Overall, not bad but the main idea could use a little bit more of supporting details. Just for suspense really.

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    147 days ago
  8. A nice concept*. I should have revised.

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    147 days ago
  9. nice not that creepy but still a very good pasta :) :D

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    113 days ago
  10. Is It ok If I Upload It To The CreepyPasta Wiki. If You let Me Upload it all credit goes to you.

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    103 days ago
  11. omg i love i love now i must type this sentence

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    84 days ago
  12. This was a nice creepy concept I like it

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    62 days ago
  13. for some reason, this disturbs me on a deep emotional level.

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    33 days ago
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