“Come Closer”

I’d actually seen him on our way home from school. He looked dirty and disturbed, and stared straight at us as our bus went by. We even made jokes about him, probably as our way of pretending we weren’t afraid. He was incredibly out of place in our middle class suburb, so his mere presence felt threatening… thus our panic when the three of us got off at our stop and saw him at the corner, about to look in our direction.

He was between us and our houses, and the bus had already pulled away, so we bolted for the bushes of a nearby yard. We weren’t sure if he had seen us, but we peered through the leaves and saw him stalking our way, muttering randomly. Tim, my neighbor, insisted that he’d seen a large knife in the man’s ragged clothing. Danny, a kid I hardly knew who had just moved into the neighborhood, insisted that he was imagining it – that Tim’s glasses must have reflected the sun wrong or something. Still, we were terrified, and the sidewalk was going to bring him right by us.

It was Tim that broke and ran first, keeping low. I followed, my heart pounding, as we dove into the darkness underneath the porch of the unfamiliar house we’d been hiding near. As we squeezed our bodies against the dirt, the grimy wood pressed into our backs, barely giving us enough room to breathe. From our hiding place, we could see the disturbed man turn into the yard in front of us and begin searching around, hitting the bushes and muttering angrily.

I realized then that Danny wasn’t with us, but I hadn’t seen where he’d gone. Tim had lost his glasses back at the bushes, and he just huddled in the shadows next to me in near-blind terror. We stayed there in silence, waiting. Every so often, whenever I almost thought it was safe to come out, footsteps would creep across the wooden porch above us. Tim almost sneezed, once, but I covered his mouth and nose in stark fear.

We waited there so long that the tone of the sunlight began to change. We hadn’t heard the man searching about in awhile, and I was just getting ready to peek out, when footsteps clattered and a thud hit the wood directly above us. A split second later, Danny’s face appeared in front of us upside down, and he looked at us through the lattice. A look of shock and surprise crossed his features at finally finding us. He whispered something, but I couldn’t hear anything. He seemed to be saying “come closer,” so I figured the horrible man was still around and we had to be quiet, and I inched forward.

Danny’s features grew fearful, and he kept indicating something above us. Strangely, I still couldn’t hear him… his eyes seemed to dim then, and I inched forward a little bit more. I froze for a moment in horror, then backed up. Tim mouthed to me: “What did he say?” and I just shook my head, completely in shock. Danny hadn’t conveyed “come closer,” he had mimed “he’s up there.” The drifter was unknowingly sitting right above us, waiting, because he knew we had to be somewhere in that yard.

There was nothing to do but wait in silence, trying not to scream. I was glad Tim had lost his glasses. I lay there as darkness descended, waiting in unwavering terror and trying not to feel the glassy stare of Danny’s severed head as it rested in the grass a foot away.

Original Author: M59Gar
23 comments on ““Come Closer”
  1. little confused. Was his head cut off when or after he said come closer

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    548 days ago
  2. No one noticed a strange man cuting a kids head off interesting and creepy

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    538 days ago
  3. Why do i find this sad?

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    525 days ago
  4. im so confused

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    522 days ago
  5. I don’t understand but I still like it

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    500 days ago
  6. It would be nice if there was a second part of this story, i’d like to know what happened to the kids

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    446 days ago
  7. This story is by the same author of Psychosis, he released a compendium of his works not too long ago.

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    419 days ago
  8. I like it! Pretty sad however, that Daniel died.

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    379 days ago
  9. Confused me just a little, otherwise I liked it. 9/10

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    378 days ago
  10. I loved this! 10/10

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    331 days ago
  11. Wasn’t terrible but the ending was a little abrupt & muddled. 6\10

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    329 days ago
  12. It was a good meal. I would say 6/10

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    310 days ago
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    306 days ago
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    287 days ago
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    287 days ago
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    287 days ago
  17. This is a place for intellectuals to read and critique horror stories. No one cares about the “sweg”. So kindly do us a favor, and gtfo. I like this story, but i do wish there was a sexond part. 9/10

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    271 days ago
  18. Those silly comments made me quite sad. I like this piece to be honest, and the confusion factor, in my opinion, makes this a little more thrilling. I’m a newbie to writing creepy pastas, but I’ve read plenty of them. This one is short, yes. It cuts right to the chase,and doesn’t digress in the slightest. I give this 8/10. Nice work.

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    268 days ago
  19. I agree with the point about how the ending with the head being decapitated. It’s unclear. Other than that good average pasta.

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    239 days ago
  20. id get why her friend being blind conferted her like wtf your fucked and your friend is even more than you and why the hell is no one seeeing this dead kid or why dont they have a cellphone

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    217 days ago
  21. Gay bastards can’t even spell their favourite slang word, swag, right

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    205 days ago
  22. The thud they herd was the man cutting his head of

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    130 days ago
  23. does it make me a bad person if I thought that I wanted to keep the head of Danny?

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    95 days ago
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